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Famous Burmese Cuisines

Today I want to share about the famous Burmese Cuisines you should try when you travel in Myanmar. Burmese cuisines are not exactly the same with Chinese and Indian, Most of the famous Burmese Cuisines come from various regions of Myanmar. Traditionally Burmese dining table is a low table and eats their meals on dishes with the family. Mostly Burmese daily meal is a bowl of steamed rice, one main dish and other side dishes. Famous Burmese Cuisines also include salad, noodle and also dessert. Among them, I want to share the following Burmese cuisines that you should try …

Tea Leaf Salad

Tea Leave is important in Burmese daily life. Most countries know tea leave to drink but in Myanmar, tea leave are also snack, and we called Lahpet Thoke. Burmese tea leaf salad is a colourful salad that includes soft, pickled tea leaves, crispy peanuts, crunchy beans, toasted sesame seeds, fried garlic, dried shrimp and chopped tomato. There is a famous Burmese expression about food.“Of all the fruits, mango is the best; of all the meats, pork is the best; of all the leaves, laphet is the best.” So If you come to Myanmar, you can see tea leaf salad in Burmese restaurant as a traditional expression of hospitality offering food. You can also eat Tea leaf salad with steamed rice.

Mohinga (Rice Noodle with fish soup)

Mohinga is an essential Burmese breakfast and the unofficial national dish of Myanmar but many people considered as the national dish. You can see Mohinga as the street food mostly in the morning. It’s really super delicious and once you eat it, you can taste sweet and sour, salty and spicy in one dish. You can also eat Mohinga with crispy fried beans, parsley, boiled egg etc..Most of Burmese like Mohinga so much. Mohinga is also served in Burmese donations and other ceremonies.

Shan Noodle

Shan noodle is a rice noodle dish and one of the famous Burmese cuisine. Shan noodle is traditional food from Shan race of Myanmar and often served for breakfast although they can be eaten throughout the day as well. Shan noodle is the popular food in Myanmar and most of the Myanmar people like it so much. Shan noodles include chicken or pork paste that cooked in tomatoes is served with rice noodles. It can be served with broth or without. There are two types of Shan noodles Sansee which is sticky and  YaySein which is not sticky. But mostly called Shan Khouk Swel (Shan Noodle).

Shwe Yin Aye

There is various type of Burmese desserts depends on the regions. Mostly Burmese desserts are sweet and delicious. Among them, Shwe Yin Aye is one of the best traditional desserts in Myanmar. Shwe Yin Aye is a Burmese name that stands for cooling when you eat this. It made by coconut milk and iced block with glutinous rice, colourful jelly, sugar syrup and also bread. It is a popular dessert in Myanmar and you can easily see as street food in Myanmar.

The above Burmese cuisines are delicious and you can easily find almost everywhere on the street and also in the restaurant. So if you are in Myanmar, spend your vacation and enjoy the delicious Myanmar food.